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Hi, I’m Neel

We are formed and moulded by our thoughts. Those whose minds are shaped by selfless thoughts give joy when they speak or act. Joy follows them like a shadow that never leaves them.

- Buddha

some cool things i've done:

Currently a freshman at UCLA, lover of code, and avid exclamation mark (over?) user! As a philosophy nerd, I tend to research the boundaries of AI. Though a maker at heart, I am a (self) certified generalist—web dev, game dev, systems, & anime.

It all started with an invitation to Next19—my first (not last) conference—which taught me one of my favorite ideas, "don’t let school take away from your education".

Interested in interacting with the "real world", I became an active member of HackClub, organizing many events (including AngelHacks & the Summer of Making). IMO I made some cool projects too.

Blasting off I gathered experiences—some crazy AI internships, took part in the worlds longest (3,502 mile-long) hackathon, and independent research on turning CO2 into fuel @ NeurIPS! I even created my first startup where we got funding!

If you find any of this interesting, or just want to talk, hit me up with an email with something resembling my name [at] this domain! I’m trying to read more, so recommend me some books/music!

Most recently caught "test"-ing @ neelr/MyWebsite

Notebook Posts!

Find me at San Francisco where its 56°F and Partly Cloudy

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